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Redesign of a website in Saint-Barth

Yoga classes in Saint Barth

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CEO Yoga  With Nanda

Creation of a website in Saint-Barth

We had the pleasure of working with Nanda for the redesign of her website dedicated to her yoga class business in St Barths. Nanda originally had a showcase site that did not allow customers to book online. She wanted to integrate an online booking system to make it easier to manage her classes and provide a smoother experience for her clients.

We worked closely with Nanda to understand their needs and goals. We took the time to fully understand their brand identity, target audience and important features for their business.

The first step in our collaboration was to discuss Nanda's goals for their website. We quickly understood its need to integrate an online booking system to facilitate the management of its courses and offer a smooth experience to its customers. We took the time to understand their expectations in terms of design, functionality, usability and user experience.

Nanda was using technology we didn't know about, but we did extensive research and testing to understand their system and make sure everything was working properly. We have worked with Nanda to integrate the online booking system and secure payment process so customers can easily book and pay for classes online.

We have also designed the website to be search engine optimized and cross-browser compatible. We worked with Nanda to fine-tune the details and ensure the design was in line with her expectations.

Finally, we have integrated a reservation management system so that Nanda can easily manage the reservation requests of its customers. We have provided comprehensive training on the use of this system and a detailed user manual to ensure that Nanda can easily manage their reservations.

Today, Nanda has a professional and efficient website for her yoga class business in St Barths. She can easily manage reservations thanks to the reservation management system we have integrated and she receives many requests on her website.


We are proud to have helped Nanda achieve her goals and look forward to working on exciting new projects with other entrepreneurs and businesses on the island of St Barths.

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