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Art painting sale

Design of a website in Saint-Barth


Pati Guyot,
Creator of Saint Barth Gallery

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Pati de Saint Barth makes acrylic paintings and resells them through other reseller websites. His goal was to get his own website to highlight only his products. So we created a simple online store where Pati can add product information from her phone. Once published, they then appear in the store and can be purchased by Internet users. The goal is to allow Pati to have total autonomy, via a simple interface, to manage its products.

We created the Facebook and Instagram page of this project that we connected to the site. We have also created a shop on the Facebook page. This allows Pati to publish products on its site, which are directly imported and visible on Facebook.

The goal for Instagram was to put a certain number of publications in advance so that new followers could already see the various achievements when they first came to the page. We opted for the implementation of a layout of the photos in coherence with the website while having the presentation of a real Art Gallery.

For the launch of the site, we have planned an email campaign to present the art gallery, always with the same idea as Instagram and with a layout that is similar to the site. Thanks to this newsletter, the new site quickly became known, many connections as soon as it opened as well as rapid sales.


Do you want to sell your products or services to customers in Saint-Barth or Saint-Martin? 

Create a website with SEO optimized for the island of Saint-Barths and Saint-Martin in order to attract customers.

The design of your website is done in just 5 days. From 800 € for the creation of a showcase site and from 1600 € for the design of an online store to sell your products and services.

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