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Creation of a website in Saint-Martin

Sports coach
Jay Caribbean Coach

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For our client, a sports coach in Saint-Martin, we created a website to promote his services and attract new clients.

The first step was to make a complete presentation of the client and its activities, with information on its background, training, specialties and customer testimonials. This made it possible to highlight the expertise and professionalism of the sports coach and to inspire confidence in visitors to the site.

Then, we have highlighted the different services offered by the sports coach, with detailed descriptions and illustrative photos. We have also integrated an online booking system to allow clients to book sessions based on their availability and needs.

To facilitate the payment of the sessions, we have set up a secure online payment system, which allows customers to pay directly on the website. This has simplified transactions and provided a smooth and convenient user experience.

Finally, we have optimized the site's referencing to improve its visibility on search engines. We conducted a keyword analysis to determine the most relevant terms for the personal trainer, and optimized the content of the site accordingly. We have also worked on the technical optimization of the site, improving its loading speed, its structure and its accessibility.

Thanks to these different steps, we have succeeded in creating a website for the sports coach in Saint-Martin which is at the same time aesthetic, practical and effective in attracting new customers.

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