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Online jewelry store
Fabienne Miot

Design of a website in Saint-Barth


Fabienne Miot,
Creator of Fabienne Miot Bijouterie

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We had the pleasure of working with Fabienne Miot for the redesign of her website dedicated to her jewelry store in Gustavia, one of the most popular in Saint Barths. Fabienne originally had an online store that was started by someone else but not finished.


We came up with a better interface for creating a much easier to manage online store for her and her team.


We worked closely with Fabienne to understand her needs and goals. We took the time to fully understand their brand identity, target audience and important features for their business.


The first step of our collaboration was to discuss Fabienne's goals for her website. We quickly understood her need to have an online store that was much easier to manage for her and her team. We took the time to understand their expectations in terms of design, functionality, usability and user experience.


We came up with a luxury design to match his corporate image. We worked with Fabienne to fine tune the details and ensure the design was in line with her expectations.


We then developed an easy to use and manage online store interface for Fabienne and her team. We have incorporated important features such as secure payment options and an inventory management system to ensure a smooth shopping experience for customers.


We also worked on optimizing the site for search engines and compatibility with different web browsers.


We have ensured that the site is fast and easy to navigate, which is crucial for an online store.


Finally, we have provided comprehensive training on the use of the online store and a detailed user manual to ensure that

Fabienne and her team can easily manage their online store.


Today, Fabienne has a professional and luxurious online store for her jewelry boutique in Gustavia. She can easily manage her online store thanks to the interface we have developed for her and her team. We are proud to have helped Fabienne achieve her goals and look forward to working on exciting new projects with other entrepreneurs and businesses on the island of St Barths.

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