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Redesign of a website in Guadeloupe

Luis Casthaneira,
President iOburo Guadeloupe

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iOburo was created by another web agency. Our mission was to boost online sales. However, to achieve this, we wanted to revamp it by offering iOburo to redo its homepage. The goal is to offer something more refined and that encourages the click.


We therefore redesigned the entire page and adapted it in the form of a marketplace with the presentation of many products well classified by category. The page is much longer. To prevent the customer from leaving, we have set up an infinite scroll system while offering many products or categories of products so that there is a click and the Internet user gets caught up in the game and switches from product to product. in product.

Once the site design was redone, we implemented the 2nd strategy to achieve the online sales goal. For this we have therefore set up an adwords campaign. The site has more than 8,000 product references. To avoid having to write 8,000 ads, we opted for a dynamic Ads campaign that automatically generates Google ads based on the keywords of the products on the site and what the Internet user does as a search on Google.

For iOburo, the agency carries out email campaigns and Facebook ads campaigns in carousel presentation to promote several products at the same time.


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