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Online clothing store
Linen & COTTON

Design of a website in Saint-Barth

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Valerie Mourning,
Founder of Linen & Cotton

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We recently worked with Valérie, owner of a fashion boutique located in Gustavia, for the creation of her website. Valérie wanted a site that would allow her loyal customers to order her products online when they are not in Saint Barth.

The first step in our work was to meet with Valérie to discuss her needs and goals for the website. We listened carefully to their ideas and expectations for the site, as well as their design preferences.

Valérie gave us carte blanche for the design of the site, which allowed us to set up a unique and personalized creation. We designed a sleek and modern design that showcased the store's products, while providing a pleasant and intuitive user experience.

After the conception of the design, we started the development of the site. We used the latest technology to ensure the site was fast, secure and compatible with all types of devices.

We also worked closely with Valérie and her salesperson Sarah throughout the development of the site. We performed extensive testing to ensure the site worked properly and customers could easily find and order the products they wanted.

Once the site was online, we trained Valérie and Sarah in using the site. We showed them how to add new products, manage orders and inventory, and how to answer customer questions via online chat.

Valérie's new boutique site is now live, providing a convenient and easy-to-use online ordering platform for her loyal customers. We are very proud of our work on this project and are convinced that the new site will be a valuable tool for Valérie's boutique.

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