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Redesign of a website in Saint-Barth


Online Store

Pati Guyot,
Creator of Pati de St Barth

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We did not need to create a website because Pati already has a website. She wanted to be able to entrust the management toWEBMASTER in St. Barts, able to manage all its online visibility and increase sales. To do this, we have implemented several strategies.

Send email campaigns:

Pati de Saint has a large clientele and many contacts from all over the world. To keep in touch with its customers and inform them of new collections, we create and send a promotional email campaign every month to promote new products and communicate about current offers. A strategy that works very well! We have connected the site database to Pati's email account so that we can easily import the products to be displayed on the newsletter. The connection also makes it possible to track and follow the sales generated by the email.

Redesign of the site:

The way the site was made, with the many tabs and pages, forced the user to search to discover certain products. Our goal was to simplify this process and bring the products to the Internet user to save time in research and go more quickly to the basket to pay.

We proposed to Pati the same strategy as for iOburo, not to create a new website for its shops in Saint-Barth, but to redo the home page in order to promote many articles and therefore increase clicks and therefore potentially Sales. The creation of the new website homepage is complete. Now this one is better organized, by category, Men, Women, Children and accessories. We've added more on-the-spot images that shoppers project themselves into and we've added animations to some featured products to encourage clicks. We have simplified the organization and management of stock by merging unisex products to allow sellers to save time. There has been a lot of work on the photos of the articles, work on a new description of the products and on updating the stock.

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