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Ticket sales

Redesign of a website in Saint-Barth

The Saint-Barth theater is one of the few cultural activities in Saint-Barth. Throughout the year, plays are performed and once a year, the theater holds a Festival where many plays are performed. Like the AJOE cinema, the theater faced health constraints and no longer had to handle the currency. Previously, it was several members of the association who had to be on duty to manage the sale of tickets during very specific times at the theatre.

Customer cancellations or the desire to change dates were really complicated for the team.

Thanks to the establishment of the site, and the creation of an online store for Saint-Barth (sale of tickets) all reservations are made online. No more need for a permanence and to mobilize members to manage all that.

By going to the website, customers can view all the plays that are played, can choose a date, pay online.

They receive their places directly by email and using a QR code, members of the association can, from their smartphones and a special web application, scan the places easily to let customers in.

The theater can see the number of people who have already arrived and those who are missing in order to close the room and start the show.


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