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Online ticketing

Website creation in Saint-Barth

AJOE is an association that offers many activities for young people in Saint-Barthélemy. This association also offers the only cinema in Saint-Barth. For years, the association has operated only with a publication on social networks to warn of a future session. Admission is chargeable and was managed by a person with cash and change. The waiting time was really long in the queue and the queue was longer than 100 meters in the street at the side of the road. In the midst of COVID, the objective is twofold: digital transformation of this institution and avoid monetary manipulation in this health period.

To sum up :

Easily notify clients of a session cancellation

Thanks to the implementation of the website, the AJOE team can now promote a film and sell tickets upstream. We have created an online payment system that we have connected to the association's bank account.


Invoices and information for the accountant are generated automatically.

Thanks to online sales, the AJOE team can now plan purchases of drinks and other perishable products in sufficient quantity.

Since the website went live, the wait in line has dropped drastically. Customers come with their places that they received by email just after payment. Each seat is associated with an automatically generated QR Code which is scanned by the team at the entrance to the cinema.

When a customer buys a seat, they add their contact details. Thanks to the emails collected, AJOE can now promote future films by sending out a newsletter. In the event of cancellation, they can also send everyone the information that the session has been postponed with one click.

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